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Monday, July 16, 2007

Building Update - July 14, 2007

Here's the building update from last weekend...

Moss House
- Electrical power in and all receptacles wired - YES power
- Columns on front porch installed and 1st coat of paint applied
- All bedroom closets had shelves installed
- One bedroom closet doors hung
- Bathroom linen closet installed and 1st coat of paint applied
- Kitchen dormer windows painted and crown molding started
- Exterior doors and molding 1st coat of paint applied
- Hallway final coat applied
- Water Heater/ Furnace closet sheet rocked
- Windows paint scrapped off
Next week
- Second coat of paint on: Bathroom Linen closet door, Exterior columns, doors and trim
- Windows cleaned
- Remaining closet doors installed and painted
- Mud room/closet painted
- Exterior doors 1st coat painted

D'Alessio House
- Spackling continued
- Siding above porch completed
- Exterior trim installed
Next Week
- More spackling

Lewis House
- Water sealed the front porch railing
- Painted the trim on the front and side exterior doors

files by Michael Strada, construction coordinator


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