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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Building Update - May 22, 2007

Moss House
We competed sheetrocking the windows frames and 90% of the corner bead is up. Just one corner in the kitchen needs to be completed.
Art filled all the gaps between the floor and sheet rock with strips of plywood
We had a small team but energetic one - Thanks to Art O., Sister Mary Rose, Glen (single volunteer), Kathryn Moss, Brianna Moss, Diane (my wife), Sharon D'Alessio, and Rose (Sharon's friend)
This Saturday we will be completing the corner bead, start spackling the seams, and possibly installing window sills in the kitchen (if I get to Home Depot)
We still need to attack the bathroom, if I have some skilled folks maybe we can get to spackle that also

D'Alessio House
They completed the sheathing over last weekend
Inspections were happening this week
Shingles are going on this coming weekend
Another great weekend for a great team - Bill G. - you and your team are doing a GREAT JOB
Jeanne stopped by and plans are being made for the gardens at all the houses. Looks like there will be activity during June.

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