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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Building Update - May 6, 2007

Another good weekend, Progress was made on both houses. Sharon D'Alessio was onsite manning the sign table and organizing the trailers in between. She was a big help.

Moss House
We continued to sheetrock. Torry and the team completed the last high wall and a lot of the Kitchen/Living room. The window sheetrock capping was started. Next Saturday we should be able to complete everything. Sharon Cole's team was there for the sheetrock, they helped the QOM team with outside clean up.

D'Alessio House
The QOM team completed some more framing tasks and did allot of clean up on the site, Saturday was a short day for them, as they are waiting for roof trusses which will be there for next weekend. This week the grading will be completed so the trusses and roofing can begin next weekend.

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