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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Construction Update - Mar 4

We had a productive weekend in spite of some missing materials. When we left Saturday, the entire back of the house was sided, the south side was complete, A good portion of the front was complete. The sofit over the Kitchen cabinets was installed, and inappropriate ceiling nailers were removed. The electrician and plumber were there during the week and the rough pluming is in and A LOT of the rough electrical is complete. The roof is 100% complete.

Sharon Cole was there all day with us and was our pizza person - THANK YOU

Both Tom and Eric took pictures, so we will have more photos.

The QOM team had the electric removed from the old trailer to a temporary location by the meter. The old trailer should be out this week and the new put in it's final place.

Next steps:
- install kitchen window
- Complete siding ( probably Monday)
- complete rough plumbing and electric for inspections this week
- On our next build day I would like someone to cut a piece of sheathing the size of the tub and cover the tub. Just to make sure while work is going on nothing falls in the tub and chips it.

We will NOT be onsite this coming weekend, we have to wait for the inspections to continue. It looks like our next build date will be 3/17. I will have to confirm, but we should be doing insulation.

Thank you all for your support - things are moving nicely

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