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Monday, February 26, 2007

Construction Update - Feb 25

We made more progress this weekend on the Siding. The back wall is 3/4 complete. We have several sides started. The mud was more of a hindrance that the cold.

The electrician was there this week and the electricity is now roughed out.

We moved everything out of the Brown office trailer to the new trailer. The brown office will be removed the week or next. Bill and the QOM team will make sure we are not without electricity, but it looks like we might have to use a portable heater for heat in the office.

Next weekend activities:
- Put shingles on the roof ridge
- Install kitchen window and front door
- Continue siding
- Wednesday night the QOM Build team meets

We need volunteers for next Saturday. Send an email to: info@habitatmba.org if you're interested.

-- posted by Michael Strada

Helping us remember *why* we build houses

I want to share with you a short note sent from the head of our newest partner family, Kathryn Moss to Tara, her family nurture liaison.

"We went out to the site on Saturday and it looked like they finished the roof during the week. It looks really nice. I can't wait for the finish product. Everyone has been so nice and wonderful. I truly love you guys and I thank GOD for everyone...please thank everyone. I'm so sorry that I haven't been able to make the meetings, but I truly can't thank the staff & all the workers enough. When I pulled up in front of the house on Saturday it brought tears to my eyes..."

-- posted by Glenn Fannick

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Youth United Update

Hi to all Youth United!

This Sunday at the pancake breakfast, we're receiving national recognition, and a visit with Colin Hickman (from our Phila. regional office). We have been highlighted in the Habitat for Humanity International Best Practices bulletin, about our fund raising and other efforts.

Colin will also join us for the afternoon! Email me [jeannemccarthy at hotmail.com] if you can attend any of the events.

ALL AGES: 12-15 AND 16 and over!

Following the breakfast, from 1-3PM, WE ARE BUILDING and preparing the next build site!!! Our adult teams will work with all ages on Sunday afternoon:Call me if you can come and bring a parent to sign your permission form, if we don't have one on file.

- 12-15 year-olds - clean/move the contents of our old trailer to the new trailer on Evan Avenue
- 16 and over - install the siding on the outside of the Moss home

-filed by Jeanne McCarthy

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Construction Update - Feb 18

During the week we plan on the following:

  • Get the electrician and plumber on site for the roughing out
  • Arrange for sill trim for the siding
  • Arrange to have the kitchen window and front door onsite for Saturday

Saturday Feb 24 is a full work day stating at 9 am. We will continue on siding work and get the doors in place and kitchen window.

Sunday Feb 25 we will continue siding with the help of the youth group. This will only be a half day build starting at 12:30 after the Pancake Breakfast (pdf).

- filed by Mike Strada

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Construction Update - Feb 11

A lot of activity this weekend on the Moss house:

* Accomplishments
o All roofing debris cleaned up
o Octagon window installed
o Side entry door installed
o All starter strips for siding in place
o Most windows completed with J-Channels
o Most missing tar paper replaced
o More nailers completed inside the house
o Back wall sided up to top of windows
o South side wall siding started
o North side wall has first row of siding
o Landscaping plan started

- The Master Gardens were one the Groups this week. Tom M. met with Linda from MG and started the landscaping plan
- Tom M. is also going to follow up with H&H for appliances the week of the 18th
- Kathryn was at the site and was very pleased about the progress and the color of the house.
- QOM (Bill) submitted their plans to East Windsor on Monday
- QOM team needs to dig where the Office trailer is. Tom T. from their team has made progress in plans for getting it out. Trying to this done before the end of February, target by 2/18

- filed by Michael Strada

Saturday, February 10, 2007

February 7 Update

Here is the plan for the next two weekends.

The siding will be delivered this Friday.
I have the window for the vestibule.

It is going to be too cold to work this Saturday 2/10. So the Crew leaders will come over Sunday 2/11 at 9:00 am and we will get started on the siding.

-- filed by Mike Strada

January 21

There were 4 of us there on Saturday. The only thing we could do was replace the tar paper on the roof that had blown off. The wind was too strong to stay on the roof, so we had to quit for the day. Thanks to Emil, Rich and Russ for braving the wind on Saturday.

-- filed by Mike Strada