Habitat for Humanity, Millstone Basin Area

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another Very Productive Week at Both Houses

Moss House
Completed this week

  • Interior doors installed
  • Base molding, hall char rail, and Kitchen/Living room Crown molding installed
  • All rooms received at least on coat on final paint, Ceilings and walls
  • The interior doors got a first coat of paint

Next week

  • We will need to put a second coat on all the walls and please check the ceilings
    Start paint the base molding
  • Second coat on doors
  • Bathroom Ceiling needs a coat of the Satin Finish paint

D'Alessio House

From the architect's (Bill Gittings) report

Today we finished the insulation and misc. framing. I will call in for inspections for Tuesday so that we can start drywall. We are on for the revised schedule to finish at the end of August for the homeowner's kids to start school in September. Tom and Tim led volunteers to finish a few eaves, the side wall siding, and siding up to the front porch roof. We need to come up with a way to finish above the porch roof.

Ed and I will call in the drywall order and order cabinets.

filed by Mike Strada

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Building Update - June 18, 2007

Moss House
- The entire interior has been primed
- All window sills have been caulked
- Ready for final coat

This weeks events
- Monday night Tara, Kathy, and Linda are meeting to pick out paint and carpet/vinyl colors
- Tom will have all the paint there by Friday
- Eric is having the doors and trim delivered and installed by Friday
- Friday night about 5:00 pm I am going to over and start cutting out the ceilings so Saturday goes faster - If anyone wants to come call my cell BEFORE you come 609-903-0287
- Saturday we will be applying the final coat of paint on all the rooms
- Eric is also working on getting the gutter guy over
- HVAC/Electric will be completed next week
- We are going to try to get everything completed, then do the flooring

D'Alessio House
- Siding was almost complete Saturday when I left, some minor spots to complete
filed by Mike Strada


Friday, June 15, 2007

Building Update - June 15, 2007

Moss House
- Electrical power in and all receptacles wired - YES power
- Columns on front porch installed and 1st coat of paint applied
- All bedroom closets had shelves installed
- One bedroom closet doors hung
- Bathroom linen closet installed and 1st coat of paint applied
- Kitchen dormer windows painted and crown molding started
- Exterior doors and molding 1st coat of paint applied
- Hallway final coat applied
- Water Heater/ Furnace closet sheet rocked
- Windows paint scrapped off
Next week
- Second coat of paint on: Bathroom Linen closet door, Exterior columns, doors and trim
- Windows cleaned
- Remaining closet doors installed and painted
- Mud room/closet painted
- Exterior doors 1st coat painted

D'Alessio House
- Spackling continued
- Siding above porch completed
- Exterior trim installed
Next Week
- More spackling

Lewis House
- Water sealed the front porch railing
- Painted the trim on the front and side exterior doors


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Building Update - June 9, 2007

Moss house
- Completed the last piece of siding
- Trimmed and installed attic access
- Puttied all nail holes in outside door frames
- Puttied all nail holes in window sills
- Completed all sanding (we are ready to paint)
This coming Saturday we will be apply the paint primer to all the interior walls.

D'Alessio House
- Siding started
- Window installation started
- Siding trim started
- Phone/TV wired

This coming Saturday more siding, windows, trim

filed by Mike Strada