Habitat for Humanity, Millstone Basin Area

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Reason we do What we Do

I came across an email from Sharon D'Alessio, one of our two new partner families, which she sent to our Family Selection Committee upon being selected a partner family. I thought I should share part of it.
"Thank you so much for selecting my boys and I to be part of habitat housing out of 30 applicants. We feel so honored and we are all very excited. I was so excited about the whole idea of being able to move into my own home with the boys that I could not help but to drive by the site area late yesterday afternoon to get an idea of what the area may look like. I have to say I was very surprised of all the work I had seen being done and finished. Owning my own home ... will be a blessing for my boys and I."

filed by Glenn Fannick


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