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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Building Update - April 15, 2007

Another big progress weekend. We had the Rutgers crew to help and some really good individuals which worked out well. Sister Mary from QOM was there all day working with us, she will be an asset going forward, she comes with some skills, mechanical and spiritual. Kathryn Moss and the kids were there helping and seeing the progress. Another highlight was Eric brought T-Shirts Toll had made for the project, everyone appreciated getting one of these. - Thank you Eric

Moss House
- Sound insulated the bathroom walls
- Sheetrocked the tub area and ceiling in the bathroom
- Sheetrocked the two back bedrooms (no closets)
- Started to tape one bedroom
- Sheetrocked the master bedroom ceiling and upper walls
- Tom M. took pictures, so when I get them I will post them

Next weekend
- We will continue sheetrocking
- Tom M. and I are meeting with H&H about appliances on Thursday.
- Eric will try to get some Toll folks to sheetrock the upper part of the Kitchen/Family room during the week, if not on Saturday

D'Alessio House
- The foundation walls are in
- The excavator(Greg) worked Saturday to repack the backfill in the foundation
- If weather permitting, inspection and foundation plumbing will be done this week
- Greg spread stone from the road up to the Moss house so we don't have to walk through mud to get there
- Unfortunately due to the weather the Ground Breaking had to be cancelled today. It will be rescheduled

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