Habitat for Humanity, Millstone Basin Area

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Our elves were hard at work on Dec. 23

Not tremendous progress this week, but we did complete ALL the tar papering. Emil, Torry and I went over this morning and laid the remaining paper. The entire house has tar paper on it and it's ready for roofing.

Outstanding Items. We need to:

  • select siding color
  • order roofing (shingles should coordinate with siding)
  • order kitchen window
  • order Foyer window

Next Saturday Emil, Torry and I are going over around 8:30 and we are going to complete the framing in the kitchen and living room. Now that the trusses are in we can see what framing needs to be completed.

No new pictures this week, even though we thought it would have been cool to have one of us working on the roof on 12/23 in T-shirts.

I hope everyone and their families has a Merry Christmas.

- filed by: Mike Strada


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