Habitat for Humanity, Millstone Basin Area

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Twas the Week Before Christmas at the Habitat House

We made more progress this week. We completed sheathing the dormers and almost completed Tar papering the roof. We have most of the tar paper down. We installed the windows in the dormers and the big window in the kitchen.

We had a group from Kathy Moss's church for half the day and Torry, Emil, Greg, Jimmy, Eric(Jimmy's friend) and I stayed until 4:00. Jeanne was the greeter, which was a big help. Jeanne took pictures, I forgot my camera.

We are going to work next Saturday, but we won't need any volunteers. Emil, Torry, Jimmy and I will be there and we should be able to get the roof to the point it is ready for the shingles. My Christmas shopping didn't go as well as I planned today, so I will be there ready to work at 8:00 am Saturday and I can stay until noon. So if anyone wants to come early, I will be there.

Other Activities:

  • Thursday night we met with Ed one the QOM Architects. This went very well. Ed walked us through the house plans. There was allot of good sharing back and forth.
  • We also had a quick Crew Leaders meeting Thursday night and we have actions items out of that.
  • I will start the process of getting the washer, dryer, refrigerator, and stove from HFH.
  • Eric will get a dishwasher from Toll for free for the Moss house.
  • Kathy said she wanted to use her $1,000 [the partner family's discretionary spend] for Central Air. I will check ParterNet to see if there is anything offered through HFH. Preferably a Carrier unit.
  • Eric made contact with two suppliers for Roofing and Siding. On Friday I sent a letter to the siding contact. Hopefully they will be able to work with Eric on the cost. We will get the roofing letter out ASAP, worst case we will order the roofing from Home Depot.

- filed by: Mike Strada


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